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SWINGS Sdn. Bhd. is one of the security companies in the commercial security industry in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. SWINGS was incorporated on the 13th.
April 2001 to enhance the security industry and to protect for the safety of individual and properties. SWINGS provides professional security services to several
of industries, range from residential, commercial, small business and private organization. In general, SWINGS has been involved actively in the security
industry for the past 13 years.

During the recent year SWINGS have also cooperated with another leader Security Company, Bosch Security Systems Sdn. Bhd. SWINGS is the Security
Certified Partner and the main distributors of Bosch Alarm Systems. In order to provide better Security Services SWINGS open a new door to our valued
customer, by providing a wide range of Security Systems.

SWINGS objective is to provide added Security alternative for customer to choose the best Security Solutions that suits them the most.

In keeping up with the latest Security technology, SWINGS also provides other security system like Surveillance System (CCTV), Door Access System and
Vehicle Tracking System (GPS). These systems are especially prepared for our valued customer who needs better and tighter security, mainly for domestic
commercial and private organization.




  • To Create Harmony & Peace in the Country
  • To Reduce the Crime Rate in the Country
  • To Reach & Maintain the Highest Customer Service Standard
  • To Develop Professional Security Consultants with Quality Human Capital
  • To Serve In Line with All the Security Providers in the Nation
  • To Be Cost Effective & a Total Solution for All Your Security Needs
  • To Provide State-Of-The-Art Innovative Technologies to your Door.


SWINGS consists of 30 people in the organization. Companies doesn’t succeed, people do that is why all
SWINGS employees are exclusively trained to handle all situation faced.

There are divided into 3 major divisions: -

A. The Management

  • This division includes people who support the whole operation of SWINGS.
  • They cover the general daily task and processes of the Company.
  • These involve the Administrative Department, Finance & Accounts Department, Stock Control and
    Overall Sales Coordination.

B. The Security Consultant Team

  • The Security Consultation Team is the largest and most significant division in SWINGS.
  • This division contributes almost 60% of the business in the Company.
  • We have around 6 people as the Company Security Consultant; their role is to meet up with
    customer and proposed Security System according to the needs of the customer.

C. The Installation and Services

  • Installation is a crucial division in SWINGS. All installer are very well trained for all Security
  • SWINGS take seriously of all the installation held in hands.
  • Customer's satisfaction is always our main priority.


Amongst the fine results that we have achieved are :

  • ADT Platinum Dealership in Year 2007.
  • Top Dealers Award in Year 2006.
  • Top Performance Award (1st. Runner-Up) in Year 2004/ 2005.
  • Top Dealer Award in Phuket, Thailand in Year 2003.
  • Top Sales Presenter Award in Phuket, Thailand in Year 2003.
  • Right Mental & Attitude Award in Pulau Tioman, Malaysia in Year
Up to 24 Months Credit Card Payment Installment
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